Visiting Casa Museo Luciano Pavarotti in Modena

August 30, 2020Niry Fidelis
Museo Pavarotti Modena

I’m more than sure that by now we all know and have heard about Maestro Luciano Pavarotti. He is a man who due to his impressive vocal range, quickly reached international renown in the 60s. 

But sadly, Luciano Pavarotti was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in July 2006 and he died at his home in Modena on 06 September 2007. Pavarotti last public appearance was on 16th January 2007 during an Italian TV show called Porta a Porta and his last words to the public were “No, I will never be tired of learning till the end of my days.”

The house where he lived during the last years of his life has been turned into a museum by his wife Nicoletta Mantovani: Casa Museo Luciano Pavarotti (LUCIANO PAVAROTTI HOME MUSEUM). Nicoletta opened its doors to the public in order to give everyone the chance to know the man who changed the face of opera forever, and to feel the emotions which he inspired. 

He built this house to entertain friends, teach young singers, and enjoy family life, she says. And definitely this is what you feel when you enter the home museum. I mean it has been set up without spoiling the homey feeling. Some rooms are left as they were. You really feel like you are at Luciano Pavarotti’s house. Here you can see many of his private belongings and collections, costumes, photos, letters from celebrities, fan mail, and the enormous number of honours and awards he received during his tenor career.

A visit to the “Casa Museo Luciano Pavarotti” will really take you through his life.

“Where words fail, music speaks.”

My approach to Pavarotti

I was not a huge opera fan but I came to know Maestro Luciano Pavarotti years back during my university days in Modena. During that time, he annually hosted the Pavarotti & Friends charity concerts in which singers from all around the world joined him in his home town of Modena, Italy. Surely you have heard or read about this event. I wish I could have participated but that never happened. Let me however say that thanks to his musical “crossovers” (mixing opera with other genres of music like pop or rock) I slowly started to appreciate the opera. And now, it is something that takes my mind off this world, at least for a while.

Casa Museo Luciano Pavarotti – Luciano Pavarotti Home Museum


The Luciano Pavarotti Home Museum is situated off the beaten path in the beautiful green surroundings of Modena. It is a four level house (basement and 3 floors) perfectly kept after and very well organized. The audio guide is included in the admission price and it is available in several languages. There are about 15 rooms in total and it takes about two hours to complete the visit. If you have an interest in opera it could even take more. 

As I told you first, the Casa Museo Luciano Pavarotti gives you a very personal glimpse into a tenor’s life. The music and videos that are piped throughout the house give even more value to the experience.

Buongiorno a casa Pavarotti

The Pavarotti Museum in Modena sometimes organizes musical and cultural events. Once I was guest at the event called “Buongiorno at Luciano Pavarotti’s Home.” It was the most touching experience that I could ever have in Modena. 

Buongiorno at Luciano Pavarotti’s home takes place normally during the summer season and it consists of a picnic style breakfast followed by a concert and a visit to the museum. Even if you are not an opera lover, I highly recommend that you join these events if you happen to be around in the area of Modena since they will give you a new perspective on opera and Modena in general.

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Luciano Pavarotti the Painter

I had no idea that painting was one of Maestro Luciano Pavarotti’s favourite hobbies. In 1986, he even exhibited a collection of his own works in New York alongside many other artists from his native town of Modena. His home is full of paintings signed Lupa. (Luciano Pavarotti I guess). He was also very good at doing that.

A visit to the Pavarotti Museum located in the town of Modena, Italy is certainly one of the best things to do in Modena. This emotional journey between the life and career of Maestro Luciano Pavarotti is something special that you will for sure appreciate.

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