Glass Art in Rattenberg

September 20, 2021Niry Fidelis
Glass Art in Rattenberg

Rattenberg is a small medieval town located along the Inn River in the Austrian Region of Tyrol, about 40 km north of the city of Innsbruck. With just 400 inhabitants and a surface area of 10 hectares, Rattenberg is the smallest town in the country.

With history, culture, architecture, museums, nature, and food, there are plenty of things in Rattenberg to keep you occupied. What makes this small town even more unique is its wide selection of high-quality hand-blown glass works of art.

Did you know that Rattenberg is known as the “glass town of Tyrol?” And the glass art in Rattenberg dates back centuries? To be honest, I didn’t know that. I knew about the Murano Glass art in Venice, but I never heard about the artwork in Rattenberg.

While strolling along the small alleys of Rattenberg, you will see plenty of attractive glass-blowing workshops. And as I already said the glass art in Rattenberg dates back to centuries earlier. Seems that for already more than 500 years, Tyrol has been famous for its splendid glassware factories.

This deeply rooted tradition of the Tyrolean craft of glassmaking is still well preserved. Watching the glass blowers, glass engravers, and glass painters at work is definitely a worthwhile stop while in the tiny town of Rattenberg.

What is even more interesting is seeing how beautifully this old tradition is combined with innovation and modernity. From jewellery to vases, candlesticks to sculptures, glasses to goblets, trophies to tableware, classic to modern, you can find in Rattenberg a huge range of glistening handmade glass items in stock for all tastes and occasions.

And, in many of the workshops in Rattenberg, the glass blowing demonstrations are free of charge. So taking a look is worth it… even if you don’t want to buy anything.

Which is the most famous glassblowing shop in Rattenberg?

Kisslinger Glass workshop is known to be the oldest glass art in Rattenberg. Even though the present existing site of Kisslinger Glass in Rattenberg was only established in 1946, its history goes back to the years before 1640.

Every day hundreds of visitors from near and far come to visit Kisslinger Glass. They are given the chance to watch the process of forming and finishing glass, beginning at the fiery oven up to the final finishing. At the Kisslinger Glass workshop, group tours are organized for children and adults. I think it is a unique occasion to watch the glass blowing procedures and to visit the exhibition room, built in the inner cave of the mountain, where some rare collections of Rattenberg Glass Art are showcased.

Where to buy glass work art in Rattenberg?

Even though the Kisslinger Glass workshop In Rattenberg is the oldest one in the city and they produce an infinite number of glass objects, they aren’t the only ones. In Rattenberg there are many stylish boutiques of Tyrolean Glass-Art where you can find glass items for any taste and pocket. I highly recommend that you visit some of them because each one is specialized for different hand blown glass and crystal items.

Know that: Glass items you buy in Rattenberg can be etched & personalized and they are happy to ship it – tax free – back home!

How long does it take to stroll around the Glass Art in Rattenberg?

Whether you are taking any guided tour or just strolling around in Rattenberg on your own, allow a good two hours for the glass art in Rattenberg. There are lots of lovely things to look at and there is no sense in rushing, even if you are not going to buy something.

And then, if you like glass objects, you can easily spend a whole day in Rattenberg.

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Insider tip while visiting Glass Art In Rattenberg.

If you are in Rattenberg and you like glass art and objects, I’ll suggest that you hop on over to Wattens to visit the “Swarovski Crystal Museum.” Wattens is about 25 KM from Rattenberg, and it is only 20 minutes’ drive.

The worldwide known Swarovski crystal is produced at the company’s traditional production plant in Wattens, where each crystal is subject to the most stringent quality controls.

The “Swarovski Crystal Museum” based in Wattens costs € 19 per adult and it is open daily from 9 am to 7 pm with the last entrance at 6 pm.

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