27 May 2019

Case Di Sicilia Group proudly presents its amazing properties in Modica

Via Raccomandata, 38, 97015 Modica RG, Italia

Casa Antica Grotta Luxury Vacation Rentals in Modica-Sicily.

Where to stay in Modica

As you can see from following our journey around Sicily, we have stayed in vacation rentals. It is something that I have started to try in the last few years. It provides a bit more comfort and space. Moreover, having a kitchen on site allows making fast and light meals so that you don’t always have to eat out at restaurants. 

Thanks to our partnership with ”Case di Sicilia”, we were honoured to stay three amazing days in Casa Antica Grotta Vacation Rental in Modica during our Easter Holiday in Sicily.

LOCATION AND CONTACTS: Via Raccomandata, 38, Modica-Sicily.  Manager Giorgio Pugliesi cell: 0039- 339 86 21 373  www.casedisicilia.com

For those of you who have never heard about the “Case di Sicilia”, it is a group of Luxury holiday homes owned by Cesere, a man from Milan. Each of them is not only in a prestigious location but also designed tastefully to make your Sicilian vacation even more memorable. However, although you have travelled all over the world, when staying at Cesare's property you will have the feeling like you never stayed in such a special place like this. My favourite is Palazzo Blanco of Ortigia Island.

Hotel Modica Sicily

Getting back to the houses in Modica, the property is made up of five fully equipped holiday homes nestled in the oldest part of the town, close to the San Giorgio Church: Gelsomino House, Loft Le Nuvole, San Giorgio di Sutta, San Giorgio di Supra and Casa Antica Grotta. This last is the one where we stayed: a very special apartment set in an ancient cave in the centre of Modica.

As I briefly said before, staying in this property was really an experience. It was looked after by Giorgio Pugliesi who warmly welcomed us, and also helped us with our suitcases coming down the stairs of Modica. Casa Antica Grotta was ideal for anybody who wants to spend a few days in Modica. And, when it comes to families, it is for sure unbeatable. The furniture and the decor made a difference, not to mention the bathroom which for me, is the masterpiece of the house. Really!!! 

Vacation Rentals Modica Sicily

Some small details that I have noticed upon arrival are not to be forgotten: a bottle of red wine and some Sicilian cannoli made a big difference. 

Their tag line is certainly “Luxury” but let me tell you something, once in a while paying for these kinds of experiences will leave you with something more. That something that will last forever with you. This is exactly why I always tend to insist that even budget travellers try it.

There is nothing that could be added to the location of the Modica property. Every day, we were able to take a walk outside, up and down the hills, to discover the city at any time. 

Where to stay in Modica

We just love central house stays in the city. This was exactly what we needed for our stay in Modica. If you ever have an opportunity to sleep in this amazing vacation rentals in Modica, don't forget to share your experience with us. Can't wait to read them all!!!  

Where to sleep in Modica
Vacation Rentals Modica Sicily         

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  1. This is lovely! I prefer vacation rentals over hotels as it makes the experience more personal.

  2. This looks like the coolest place! Such a local spot with character!

  3. I love the way this place looks! So old world Italy! :)


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