Petra Aretas Hotel

February 23, 2020Niry Fidelis
Petra Aretas Hotel

Since its discovery by a Swiss explorer Johann Ludwig Burckhardt in the year 1812, Petra has been attracting the interest of everyone. In 1929, a project to excavate and survey Petra was launched and from then on, its popularity did not cease to increase. In 1985, Petra was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site and in the year 2000 the site was named one of the “Seven New Wonders of the World,” leading to a spike in tourism. Petra in fact is a must-see, it is the most impressive and heart touching place I have ever been.

This archaeological site has touched over one million visitors in the year 2019.

Best Hotel in Petra

So if you are booking a vacation in Jordan, you are certainly going to visit Petra. Therefore you are then looking for a hotel close to the archaeological site of Petra that still has some great amenities without breaking your budget. I hope your search brings up The Petra Aretas Hotel: the place where we stayed and that I highly recommend. Remember that you should stay at least two days in Petra.

Petra Aretas Hotel

Wadi Musa, the city where one finds the archaeological site of Petra, has plenty of hotels. As said above we stayed in the Petra Aretas hotel, located on Tourism Street. The first important reason for why we decided to stay at the Petra Aretas Hotel is its good location, since it is less than 300 m away from the entrance of the ancient city of Petra so we could simply walk to the archaeological site.

Petra Aretas Hotel

The Petra Aretas Hotel (***) is new, it just opened a few months ago. It is owned and managed by a young Jordanian man. The hotel was definitely clean, and the design brought it up to date, and gave it a contemporary feel but without leaving out the Jordanian style. The mattress was excellent and the bed was the biggest bed ever (2×2 meters). The bathroom was a bit small, but again, when you are upgrading a hotel that is in such an established area, sometimes you can’t change things.

The complex consists of about 20 rooms spread over 3 floors. The lift was still under construction when we were there. The staff helped us get our luggage to our room, which was in the third floor.


The outside of the buildings seemed a little dated, because of the architecture, but they have been painted and are clean.

Petra Aretas Hotel has a huge private parking area and this should not be underestimated as a perk. We had a rental car and having the opportunity to leave our vehicle inside a protected compound was awesome.

Our room was super clean, and the refurbishment was great. They have a minibar and they provide an electric kettle and tea bags in the room.

It’s probably because of my Sri Lankan blood that I am used to drinking enormous cups of tea and only a glass of red wine beats a good hot tea when I come in tired from sightseeing.

Another reason why I would recommend Petra Aretas Hotel is that hospitality reigns supreme here. Believe me; you will be surprised to see their warm hospitality and generosity. They are really very serious about putting you at ease. Let me say it was the best customer service we’ve ever experienced! The owner is great; he did his best to make our stay memorable. And for me, people make the difference.

One more thing that you will love is the breakfast. From sweet to savoury there are a huge number of options.

If I ever return to Petra (I really hope that I do), I will definitely stay in this hotel again and I would recommend for everyone to stay at Petra Aretas Hotel.

Just to make it easy, here is their email address: You won’t go wrong here guys!


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