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November 2, 2020Niry Fidelis
Best place to stay in Assisi

Hospitality at its finest

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the option of getting on a plane has gone away for a while and we really have no idea when it will return and in what format. Since right at the moment we are allowed to move from one region to another with a mask on, I figure I should take advantage of this situation to get to know better one of the most loved countries in the world: Italy. After all there are hundreds of famous monuments and landmarks in Italy  and I haven’t seem them all yet.

So, if you have a plan to visit Italy in the future, I mean after the Covid 19 pandemic ends, stay tuned and subscribe to my newsletters because I’m going to focus on things to do in Italy, especially off the beaten track, that might be helpful to you.

That been said, I’m taking you today to Assisi, a city located in the Umbria region of Italy. From the touristic point of view we rarely hear about it. So strange, probably it is because the Umbrians are not good enough at promoting themselves. It is a lovely region and Assisi must be included in your Italian itinerary.

Where to stay in Assisi.

Borgo Antichi Orti Assisi

Now, the question is where to stay in Assisi. This city in the centre of Italy hosts mainly a religious type of tourism because of the Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi, but the beautiful hamlet of Assisi doesn’t fail to attract many kinds of tourists all throughout the year. Assisi, in fact, has infinite choices of places to stay. Depending on what kind of traveler you are, you can easily find your place to stay in Assisi. Amongst these there is one that I do strongly believe to be a special one: Borgo Antichi Orti.

Borgo Antichi Orti: Location.

Luxury boutique hotel in Assisi

Borgo Antichi Orti Address: Via Pallareto, 1, Assisi. Italy

Borgo Antichi Orti was a former Benedictine Monastery built around 1444 outside the walls of Assisi at the foot of the Sacred Convent of Saint Francis. It is now tastefully restored and the entire property is refined and elegantly furnished with materials recovered from the monastery. Their attention on reducing the impact on the environment gave us a sense of true well-being. All the rooms are associated with the twelve astrological signs, an element, and spices. Also those looking for staycation ideas in Assisi must consider reserving here. You will be glad you did.

Borgo Antichi Orti, more than accommodation.

Borgo antichi orti

Every single corner of Borgo Antichi Orti is a product of thoughtful, caring, expertly-made work. I could feel this hard work behind the screen. Allow me to compliment not only the person who conceived this perfect accommodation in Assisi but also the staff who continue to do their best to keep this project unique and magical. Their challenge in preserving the treasure of tradition and rural in an elegant way makes this place a must-visit during your road trip in Umbria. By the way, they do have a meeting room and they host important conventions and events so, even if you are not a tourist but an event organizer or simply heading to Assisi for a seminar, I recommend that you check out Borgo Antichi Orti.

Cultivation corner and dining in Borgo Antichi Orti.

Borgo antichi orti

What I most liked about the Borgo Antichi Orti in Assisi is their hospitality based on the concept that “man needs nature to stay alive.” Therefore, Borgo Antichi Orti focuses on this point to build up their entire philosophy. Let’s say that “man needs nature” is the main theme.

They have a huge fruit and vegetable garden from where they get their own needs daily. Besides using them for various galenic preparations, they also use them in cocktails and meals. My advice is to arrive early enough to try a pre-dinner drink at the bar before sitting for the dinner. A place where everything is made to make your stay perfect, surely food will not betray you.

What else about Borgo Antichi Orti?

Borgo antichi orti

Guests of Borgo Antichi Orti will definitely enjoy the aristocratic atmosphere in which the respect for the history, importance of the cultivation, and the taste for design are combined to create a luxury to experience at any time of day. The excellence of the food and the service together with the stunning views upward at the City of Assisi and downward across the valley will make your stay memorable. Don’t wait!

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ask at the reception for your free Assisi Card

take a walk to Assisi, it just takes 10 minutes. Ask at the reception for shortcuts.

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*DISCLAIMER: Thanks to “Borgo Antichi Orti” for sponsoring my stay! Although, I was a guest, all opinions are my own.

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  • MOlly

    December 9, 2020 at 5:39 pm

    “Man needs nature to stay alive” – What a great quote! Italy is certainly a beautiful place to travel!

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