Aboca Museum in Sansepolcro

November 9, 2020Niry Fidelis
Aboca Museums

Due to its wealth of natural gifts Tuscany has always been on the list of everyone heading to Italy. From hot springs in Saturnia to wine tasting tours, Tuscany has been able to cater to tourists since tourism in Italy was born. So, if you are in the early stages of planning a trip to Italy and creating your list of things to do in Italy and more specifically looking for places to visit in Tuscany here is a tip you need to check out: Aboca Museum in Sansepolcro. It is a bit off the beaten path but a fast hop on and hop off while road tripping in Tuscany isn’t that unthinkable.

What is Aboca?

The term Aboca comes from “Abiga,” an ancient name from the Tuscan dialect for Ground Pine, a medicinal plant with purifying properties used in antiquity. Aboca is one of the biggest phytomedical companies which has been investing in the study of medicinal plants for human health since 1978 with the conviction that nature can provide sustainable solutions to the health issues of humans. 

Probably due to my attachment to my original Sri Lankan culture, I can say that I strongly believe in this theory and I also think that now is the right time to rely on nature more than ever. 

I had originally heard about Aboca from a girl I met at a Solimè Herbal Shop in Italy back in 2006 and here I am visiting the Aboca Museum today.

Where is Aboca Museum?

Address: via Niccolò Aggiunti, 75. Sansepolcro (AR), Italy

The Aboca museum is found in a Tuscan city called Sansepolcro, just 38 km from Arezzo, 100 km from Siena and 80km from Montepulciano.

Why you should visit the Aboca Museum?

Through Aboca Museum located in Sansepolcro in Tuscany, you can learn not only about the alchemic process from the cultivating to the making of medicine but by visiting you have the opportunity to discover and the healthiest way of healing. Moreover, whether you like art, innovation, history, nature, or science, there is a bit of each in every corner of the Aboca museum. Really worth the visit once in the area, it helps to think and reflect about the scientific innovation, the human health, and the environmental sustainability

Aboca Museum: How much does it cost?

As of today the admission to the Aboca Museum in Sansepolcro costs € 8.00 for adults and € 4.00 for children from 10 to 14 years and over 65. Meanwhile, it is completely free for children under 10. Groups of 6 people have a special cost of € 6.00 per person. For logistic reason bigger groups are asked to contact the administration at least a day before visiting.

The Aboca shop

Your visit to the Aboca Museum ends at the ground floor which has a small shop selling the Aboca products. From tea to any therapeutic item you can buy Aboca products with the advice of a qualified person.

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