How to Get from Cospicua to Valletta Using the Public Ferry

September 6, 2021Niry Fidelis
Cospicua to Valletta

Are you staying in Cospicua? And, want to travel from Cospicua to Valletta using the public ferry? Then you are in the right place!

If you have read my previous post about 10 reasons to visit Malta,” you now know that Malta offers a variety of things to do and consequently it comes without saying that it caters to the requirement of every type of traveller.

Now, there are two favourite accommodation areas in Malta: those looking for a short city break commonly stay in Valletta; meanwhile those looking for sun and sea seclusion or romantic escape normally prefer the beach area.

By pure chance it happened that I stayed in a town called Cospicua. Not only are there are plenty of things to do in Cospicua but since we are talking about where to stay in Malta, Cospicua gave me the impression of being a quiet and calm town. I think this silence and tranquillity is what has attracted a very select group of tourists towards Cospicua over the years.

That being said, we now get to the point of our title: How to get from Cospicua to Valletta by using public ferry.

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Where to take the ferry to Valletta while in Cospicua .

Vittoriosa to Valletta

The ferry station in Cospicua (Bormla) is called “3 cities” since it is the only point of reference to the following three Maltese cities: Senglea (La Isla), Vittoriosa (Birgu), and Cospicua (Bormla).

Public ferry to Valletta from Three Cities: Fares

Vittoriosa to Valletta

To date the ferry fares are the following:

  • Adult Day Single: € 1.50
  • Adult Day Return: € 2.80
  • Adult Night Single: € 1.75
  • Adult Night Return: € 3.30 (only in summer and it starts at 19.30)
  • Children Single: € 0.50
  • Children Return: € 0.90 • 60+ ID Card Holders and Blue Badge Holders Single: € 0.50
  • 60+ ID Card Holders and Blue Badge Holders Return: € 0.90
  • Weekly pass valid for 7 consecutive days with unrestricted use on the purchased route € 10.00.

You can check for updates on their official webpage.

Where did I Stay in Cospiqua? The Lodge Malta.

The Lodge Malta

Public ferry to Valletta from Three Cities: Step by Step procedure

3 cities to Valletta

1. Go to the dock of Cospicua (Bormla) called Three cities and wait for the ferry to arrive. There may be a line-up of passengers already. The ferry station is just a white tent by the seashore.

Know that: The white ferry station tents you see in my photos are temporary as the new jetty is still under constructions and it is on the “Forti Sant’Anġlu” side.

2. Pay your fare on board. The roundtrip ticket cost is €2.80 per person but I highly recommend that you buy the one way only because on your way back to Vittoriosa, if you want, you can try the small motor boat which costs € 2.00. This idea comes in handy especially in the summer when it is busier.

3. Take your seat and enjoy the view. The ride takes only 7 or 8 minutes. It is very short but it’s enough to take some beautiful photos of Valletta and the Three Cities.

4. Arrive at the dock of Valletta.

5. Take the Barrakka lift to reach Upper Valletta which is the historical part of the city. Upon arrival to the dock, you will find the directions to reach the Barrakka lift. Remember that you don’t need to pay anything for the Barrakka lift if you have travelled to Valletta from Three Cities by a public ferry.

Five reasons why you should take the public ferry to Valletta

Vittoriosa to Valletta
  • It’s extremely cheap. When you pay only € 2.80 for roundtrip there is no reason to take a car.
  • It’s extremely fast. It takes only 7 or 8 minutes.
  • If you reach Valletta by public ferry, then the Barrakka lift is free.
  • Parking in Valletta is hard and expensive.
  • The runs are frequent. I mean every 30’. For updates you can check their official webpage.
  • It is definitely the most scenic option you can choose. So, you can take some good photos.

As I told you in my introduction, Cospicua is one of the most elegant places to stay in Malta. It is well worth being based in Cospicua during your vacation in Malta.

I found myself in Cospicua /Bormla by pure chance and it immediately became my favourite place to stay in Malta. Bormla (Cospicua) is truly a special locality to stay while in Malta. The tranquility you feel, the churches and chapels, its charming alleys, harbour, and some important attractions here and there make it one of my favourite spots in Malta.

Therefore, if you are planning to stay in Cospicua I hope this Vademecum called “How to Get from Cospicua To Valletta Using the Public Ferry” helps you to plan your days in Malta better.

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  • Inglés McKay

    August 29, 2023 at 9:45 pm

    Straight forward and informative just what I wanted to know as staying in Cospicua and will be making a number crossings to Valletta. Might consider adding when the ferry stops running for those who might have dinner in Valletta and concerned about the return in the late evening. Thanks for the nice work! By way have stayed in a number of Roads in Morocco and agree a inside the wall Raids are great at least in the half dozen or so that I have stayed.

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