2020, year of great travels and more + Photo album

December 28, 2020Niry Fidelis

Could you even imagine that the year 2020 has come to an end? Yes, 2021 is already upon us and what can I say? All right, for reasons that we all know, 2020 is probably going to be that year which nobody will ever forget, but that is not going to be the topic of this post.

I’m going to tell you instead how I have focused the past year on all the good things that happened to me.

It’s not that I didnโ€™t have my low times, quite the contrary. Of course there have been days where it was hard to be motivated, especially when seeing millions and millions of people dying, when we had to cancel all our life plans, when the Italian government first announced the lockdown, and we couldnโ€™t even see our loved ones. But I couldnโ€™t keep getting depressed. Then, based on the fact that I canโ€™t control what happens but I have full control over how I react, I decided to live 2020 as positively as possible. And let me tell you something; the ability of our mind to adapt is really incredible!

This is how, despite the Coronavirus issue in Italy, the year 2020 has been for me a busy year. I have done plenty of beautiful things that I’m glad to share with you.

Time with my father

I was finally given a chance to spend some time with my father. For those who don’t know me yet, my father, along with my aunt, raised me and they gave me the best education ever. They did a lot for me, too much to mention here; things through which I always felt the greatness of their love. When I was a child I even studied at the Church Park School in Channai, which is an exclusive English school in India. My aunt now lives in Ontario, while my father lives here in Italy, so finally I could return, at least in small, the big love he gave me.


If you want to fly give up everything that weights you down! ๐Ÿ’— ๐Ÿ’— ๐Ÿ’— 

When the daily activities are reduced you have more time for yourself. I used this extra time to look around me. I understood that those who care about you remain close even when they are far away. This is where we have to spend our energy, especially when life comes back to being like it used to be and we wonโ€™t have so much time for ourselves. It makes no sense to focus on the relationships which don’t make you feel good., I believe that we must respect everyone but that doesnโ€™t mean that we must succumb to certain people.

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Iโ€™ve wanted to buy a motorcycle for a while and here we go! It just so happens that this year I finished my car payment, so I thought Iโ€™d make myself even happier by finally buying a motorbike. I know I deserve it!


We often complain about our jobs. It is true, the working environment is often difficult, but you know what? My job is the only thing that allowed me to keep on moving and despite Covid 19 restrictions I could still use my own money and choose some of the Covid free places in Italy, even if they were a bit expensive. So, having a permanent job helped to make my decisions easily.


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Could you believe that I travelled even more this year? Even if the option of getting on a plane was gone away for a while, we could go around our region and in the better times also around our country. Italy has a lot to offer and as I wrote before, there are plenty of Covid free places where we could travel safely. From the northern region of Trentino south Tyrol to the southern region of Sicily I went on exploring amazing places. I can proudly say that 2020 has been for me the year of great travel destinations.

On the eve of the New Year, I can only be thankful for all that I received. What about you? Would you mind sharing some of the good things that happened to you this year?

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