How to get from Nikiszowiec to Katowice by bus.

August 22, 2022Niry Fidelis
Nikiszowiec neighbourhood

I decided to write this blog post about “How to get from Nikiszowiec to Katowice by bus” because during my visit to the Nikiszowiec neighbourhood, due to some communication problems with the locals around, I had a bit of a meltdown while trying to catch the bus back to Katowice railway station (Katowice DWORZEC). Let me explain it better…

The Polish rarely speak English and more importantly tourism is just taking off in Nikiszowiec neighbourhood, so many locals are unaware of the services offered to tourists and consequently they often tend to give the wrong advice.

In my case, they were leading me to abandon the idea of taking a bus from Nikiszowiec to Katowice centre, and in the end I was able to do so only because of me. I mean, it was just thanks to my various attempts to try to understand.

This is precisely why in this article called “How to get from Nikiszowiec to Katowice by bus” I want to share the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions which I’m sure will make your way back to Katowice railway station more enjoyable and smoother.

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Nikiszowiec to Katowice by bus FAQ.

  1. Which bus line runs from Nikiszowiec to Katowice railway station? Nikiszowiec is connected to Katowice railway station by bus line number 930 (Katowice DWORZEC).
  2. Where to catch the bus to Katowice in Nikiszowiec? The bus to Katowice railway station leaves from Plac. Wyzwolenia, the main square. Having St. Anna’s Church at your back, the glass cabin where the bus stops is located directly to the left of the church itself. Be careful not to confuse it with the other stop in Plac. Wyzwolenia located in front of the supermarket (artykuły OGOLNOSPOZYWCZE).
  3. Where to buy the bus ticket in Nikiszowiec? The bus ticket is sold at the supermarket (artykuły OGOLNOSPOZYWCZE) located in Plac. Wyzwolenia. There aren’t many ticket selling points in Nikiszowiec, so if you plan to go on this day trip from Katowice, I suggest that you buy them at any kiosk or grocery shop in Katowice centre before your departure, especially if on Sundays and bank holidays in order to ensure that the closure of the supermarket in Nikiszowiec won’t cause you trouble.
  4. Do my tickets need to be validated on board? Yes, your tickets must be validated on board.
  5. How much is the bus ticket from Nikiszowiec to Katowice railway station? As of August 2022, the bus ticket from Nikiszowiec to Katowice railway station costs 4zl. Know that all stops of this route are within Zone 1 of Katowice’s public transport network, so passengers will only need to use the lowest fare ticket which is precisely 4zl.
  6. How much time does the bus ride from Nikiszowiec to Katowice railway station take? The bus ride from Katowice to Nikiszowiec takes 25 minutes and the distance between the two is only 8 km.
  7. How many stops are there between Nikiszowiec and the Katowice railway station? There are 9 stops but the bus stops only if there are people who want to get on or off. In any case you can monitor the journey on the TV displayed inside the bus.
  8. How often does the bus leave from Nikiszowiec? On weekdays the first ride is at 5.11 am and from then there is a bus every hour until 22.11. On public holidays and special holidays (Święta szczególne) like Christmas or New Year the rides are reduced (see the photo at the beginning of this paragraph). I suggest that you check this detail at the information centre in Katowice railway station before you get started.

Would you like to consider a taxi?

Bus to Nikiszowiec neighbourhood

I’d like to open a small parenthesis before I conclude this blog post about “How to get from Nikiszowiec to Katowice centre by bus.” Besides using the public bus, another option is using a taxi. But there are three reasons why I’m not particularly enthusiastic about the taxis in Katowice:

  1. Probably because the public transportation in Katowice is very efficient, there are still no good taxi services in the city. It’s hard to find them. Talking about Nikiszowiec, I haven’t seen a taxi there other than the one that left us. There was a taxi rank close to café Maola where we stopped for a while for a lemonade, but there were no taxis. So I couldn’t have gotten back by taxi even if I wanted to.
  2. Those few taxi drivers who are there fool the tourists all the time by asking them for too much money. Based on my personal experience I can say that no one has ever used the taximeter in Katowice, and I’ve always had to argue.
  3. Also taxi drivers in Katowice often don’t speak English. So, as you don’t understand each other, the conversation tends to become rude easily. Then it ends up that you pay the amount they ask because since you didn’t organize your trip beforehand, you now have no time to plan differently.
Supermarket in Nikiszowiec

So before you decide to use a taxi to get from Nikiszowiec to Katowice, know that taxis in Katowice may not be as easy as is commonly believed. Plan ahead with this in mind.

I think I have told you everything about “How to get from Nikiszowiec to Katowice Centre by bus”. However, if you have further questions or have more information about the public bus from Nikiszowiec to Katowice, just feel free to leave a message here in the comment box below. It may be helpful to many!

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