Public bus from Katowice to Katowice airport in Pyrzowice

August 8, 2022Niry Fidelis
Public Bus from Katowice to Katowice Airport

Travelling by public bus from Katowice to Katowice airport in Pyrzowice, in addition to being an excellent way to safeguard the environment, is also a perfect way to save money.

All right, it is already well known that busses are a very cheap means of transport but when it comes to Katowice you should also know that as for the taxi in Katowice, there is no good service in the city, and moreover those few taxi drivers who are there fool the tourists all the time by asking them for too much money. Based on my personal experience I can only say that no one has ever used the taximeter in Katowice, and I’ve always had to argue.

Also taxi drivers in Katowice often don’t speak English. So, as you don’t understand each other, the conversation tends to become rude easily. Then it ends up that you pay the amount they ask because since you didn’t organize your trip beforehand, you now have no time to plan differently.

You have no idea how many useless arguments I had with taxi drivers in Katowice.

That being said, let me tell you something good. Katowice has an efficient network of public busses and trams that connects every part of the city perfectly. That includes the airport in Pyrzowice. Did you know that there is a direct bus route from the city to the airport? And it also has a USB port to charge mobile phones!!!

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How far is Katowice Airport from Katowice.

Katowice International Airport (KTW), a former military airbase, has the fourth-biggest passenger flow in Poland, so the bus connections are pretty frequent. From Katowice Central railway station, the airport is located 34km northeast of Katowice in Pyrzowice, Poland.

Driving time to the airport is about 30, 35 minutes by car and 45, 50 minutes by public bus. Katowice is not a very busy city and only a few people own a car so the travel times are pretty stable. In our case we left Katowice railway station at 4.05 pm and we reached the airport exactly at 4.50 pm.

Where to take the bus in Katowice to Katowice Airport.

from Katowice to Katowice airport

The public bus to Katowice International Airport departs at the bus station in Katowice which is located under the Central railway station in plac (Square) “Marii i Lecha Kaczyńskich”.

Once you enter Katowice railway station, having the main entrance at your back, the stairs to the underground bus station are located directly to the left of the entrance itself. And, once you get downstairs, having the stairs at your back the platform of the public bus to Katowice International Airport is on your left at the position number 10.

How Katowice Bus terminal is organized.

Public bus from Katowice to Pyrzowice airport
Bus Station

Once you get to the lower level, you will find yourself in a kind of hallway where you can choose to go on your left to the left platform or on the right to the right platform. So there are only 2 platforms. Each platform is separated into many sections identified with numbers and from each of these sections busses to various destinations depart.

Returning to our topic which is “public bus to Katowice International Airport,” I repeat once again that it departs from position number 10.

Which bus line goes from Katowice to Katowice airport.

Public transport (bus and tram) in Katowice and neighbouring cities is organized by the Metropolitan Transport Authority and Katowice is connected to the Katowice airport in Pyrzowice by bus line “AP” which to date departs from position number 10 from the bus terminal in Katowice.

AP line has the following stops: Katowice Dworzec (centre and train station), Katowice Sokolska, Katowice Strefa Kultury, and AP Pyrzowice Port Lotniczy (Katowice airport). You can monitor the journey on the TV displayed inside the bus.

Katowice to Katowice Airport in Pyrzowice: Bus schedule.

The AP line that runs between Katowice and Katowice Airport is pretty frequent. To date, on working days the earliest departure from Katowice terminal is at 00:35 arriving to Katowice Airport at 01:20. Starting from 4 am there is a departure at every 05 and 35. The latest departure from Katowice bus terminal to Katowice airport is at 23:35 arriving at 00:10.

Also, on bank holidays buses run multiple times and the earliest departure from Katowice terminal is always at 00.35. For later departure times I suggest you take a look at the photo here which has been updated on January 1st 2022.

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Schedules can change at any time, so I suggest that you make sure at the information office located by the main entrance of the railway station in Katowice or directly at the bus terminal platform at least the day before your departure.

The public bus will leave you at Katowice airport right next to the departure entrance.

How much is the bus ticket from Katowice to Katowice airport

Public bus from Katowice to Pyrzowice airport
One adult and one senior ticket.

Busses are the cheapest way to travel from Katowice to Katowice international airport and the price for a one way adult ticket is 6.00 zł. But you should also know that special discounts are applied to seniors and students.

Where to buy the bus tickets to Katowice airport

Tickets need to be validated at the machine on board.

The bus ticket can be purchased at every kiosk and grocery shop in town. I was also told that it can be bought directly from the bus driver, but I haven’t seen anyone doing so.

I personally bought it at the railway station in a shop called “Express” which was located right next to the main entrance, close to the staircase that takes you to the bus terminal.

That’s all for “public bus from Katowice to Katowice international airport.” I truly hope it helps. If you have further questions or have more information about the public bus from Katowice to Katowice international airport, just feel free to leave a message here in the comment box below. It may be helpful to many!

After reading this, if you would prefer a cosier ride instead of bus or taxi, I suggest that you pre-book a private transfer to Katowice airport here. A professional driver will pick you up at your door to take you to your destination. This is certainly a hassle-free experience.

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