Farm Cultural Park, Favara-Sicily

March 6, 2023Niry Fidelis
Farm Cultural Park

Recently I visited the Farm Cultural Park in Favara, Sicily.

There is a good chance that you’ve heard of this place already, especially if you are a frequent Sicily traveler.

But if you haven’t heard of it yet, don’t miss reading this article because it will really help you to understand the reason why visiting Favara is one of the great things to do in Sicily, even if you are a first time traveler to Sicily.

Farm Cultural Park, what is it?

Farm Cultural Park is an exhibition space used by international artists located in the city centre of a small town called Favara.

The town of Favara was once abandoned due to its impoverishment, but in 2010 it was reborn thanks to the initiative of a young married couple, Andrea Bartoli and Florinda Saleva. They’ve re-evaluated the historic center of the totally abandoned town by restoring the buildings and transforming them into real works of art, making the town now one of the world’s best contemporary art tourist destinations.

Their project brought life to the whole town of Favara. Now you can find here some good restaurants, some wonderful places to sleep, and great exhibition spaces.

Where is Farm Cultural Park?

Well, as I said before Farm Cultural Park is located in a town called Favara. It is a small municipality in the province of Agrigento. By road it is about 10 kilometres north-east from Agrigento city. Therefore it’s only 15 minutes away from the world famous Valley of the Temples, which every visitor to Sicily absolutely must see!

In any case, wherever you are in Sicily, the distance definitely won’t be a problem. Favara is approximately 1 hour drive from Enna, 2 from Palermo, 3 from Ragusa, 2 from Caltagirone, and 3 from Taormina.

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How to get to Favara.

The best way to reach the Farm Cultural Park in Favara is by car. I really hope you have a rental car if you are in Sicily because it’s the best way to see all that the island has to offer. A car gives you access to many destinations that are difficult or even impossible to visit with public transportation.

And also for Favara in particular, a car is a superb way and also it is not very complicated to park.

If you don’t have a car, then you can reach the town of Favara by public transportation. I know there are both buses and trains to Favara, but there could be some challenges with taking them because we are talking about a previously abandoned town which has no bustle of people coming and going, so there’s a good chance that the means of transport may not stay on schedule. (Buses are said to be more reliable than trains). If you are not getting there by car, I suggest that you contact the Farm Cultural Park to make sure of the Favara public transport details. Here are is their contact info:

Admission fee to Farm Cultural Park in Favara.

The admission cost to all the exhibitions at the cultural center in Favara is €14.00. If you are interested in art and architecture, then I can confirtm that it’s certainly money well spent. But if art’s not your thing, the ticket could sound a bit expensive.

Note that Farm Cultural Park in Favara is a private institution, which means that they don’t receive any public funding so it’s not surprising that the maintenance costs for taking care of such a big association are higher.

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Know that they have discounts for people with disabilities and for those under 18 and over 65. Tickets for them cost only €10.00. I also know that instead of paying the single cumulative ticket of € 14.00, you can choose to pay for each exhibition separately. By doing it this way you pay and enter if you are interested in the particular subject.

In any case if you don’t want to spend that amount you can just take a walk around the town and enjoy a beverage or meal in one of the eateries in Favara. If you do it this way you cannot enter the buildings where there are various exhibitions, but you can admire the external street art corners.

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Why you should visit Farm Cultural Park in Favara.

Favara is the opposite of what one expects in Sicily.  I mean whoever visits Sicily (I’m not talking about only the first time travellers to Sicily), thinks about its splendid nature such as beaches, mountains, lakes and active volcanoes, well-preserved archeological sites, and interesting history. Not to mention its charming villages and towns. It’s hard for anyone to think about “Modern art and architecture” with art exhibitions and installations performed by international artists.

Farm Cultural Park in Favara could be a great way to enjoy something different or to free the mind of all these daily things in Sicily.  

And moreover, Favara has an interesting history and geography too, so for me it is a good value for one’s money.

I had an all-around amazing experience here, and I would gladly return to this place if I ever get the chance.

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